New York City skyline at night




Cheryl J. Fish

Home Alone

Your mind becomes extremely beige when you
tighten your purse and stop leaving the house
if you could fly, where would you land first,
which dragons, fire-breathing or silent, would
you run over in your slick, black Volvo
you can move from a place, or settle deeper
into it
50 % off the chance of a lifetime.

Why give all of yourself too soon
give more of yourself to many
endurance, we need you
bring the zendo home
Do dreams support us or
are pants too tight
fear and passing
of an afternoon alone with
alter egos on a retrograde
stereo system.

Anatomy of trains:

a life's supply of foolishness.


Night Light

Stay awake. Look beyond
clock chimes how quiet
and sensible the warm, heated room
and trumpet life extols all sources

Legs of table settled part of your arrangements
the night light of roaming
in your room

at that hour
a passage of greetings
from another glossary

you pick up a book
as protection from

what your body needs
(re)definitions of frontier

mirror of consciousness
in river's dark presence
beyond the brick walls
of high-rise housing

Stay awake. Objects
and words first, later dreams
of gambling
and winning on the
number "six."



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