New York City skyline at night




John McKernan

The US Army Corps of Engineers Map

Of the Missouri River
Contains blue ink but   No water

The banks curves
Depths and sandbars
Are satellite U-2 Google perfect accurate

Down to
The temperature
Of the floating ice
For the days in January   No one

Ever found our neighbors' two-year-old
Child that July on any map   Not even
The ace divers from Kansas City   Whose
Grappling hooks grew sharper
Each time I dared to look


Life Is

A soup can in the weeds
Mud with the texture
Of silk   Coffin rhymes
With every word I hear

I love to read the biographies
Of pornographic movie stars
Those beautiful Sirens   As I
Scream with Odysseus   Remove

The wax   but tighten the ropes.
Remember Mary Magdalen?
Wasn't she the one in the book
Who danced & walked on water?



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