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As my father used to say…
Readers complete the line.
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© 2001 Robert Dunn

"Treat me like a stranger."
—Nicholas Johnson, NY

1) "And I don't wanna hear any static about it."
2) "I understand you've displeased your mother."
—Maureen Holm, NY

1) "You just gonna eat meat?"
2) "Well, you can't beat fun!"
—Valerie Holm, NY

"Scare the cat once a day."
—Laura Sherwood Rudish, NY

look for me in the
agate glint,
the squirrel's eye…
those photos your mom saved
from Yellowstone
Jim McCurry, IL

"Your mother loves you."
—Zoe Artemis, NY

"¡Que vivan las mujeres!"
—Ginny Wray, NY

"That's why there's chocolate and vanilla."
—Leanne Averbach, NY

"You can't ring the bell backwards."
—Rob Wright, PA

Keep your t-shirts clean,
your hands to yourself, and don't
salute a non-com.
—Richard Pearse, NY
[cont'd: More haiku by RP]

It's important to remember where you first get laid."
(It was beneath the apple tree.…)
—Barbara Adams, Newburgh, NY