Award results from:
Lyric Recovery Festival™ at Carnegie's Weill Hall 2002
March 27, 2002, 7:30 p.m.
a p h i l o p h o n e m a ™ presentation

Nicholas Johnson, LyR 2000 Winner and 2002 Associate Producer
Segments from Paul Winston's Beauty and the Beast,choreographed by
Ginger Thatcher and produced in collaboration with Dances Patrelle.
(Francis Patrelle, Artistic Director/Robert Dorf, Managing Director)

Photo: © 2001 George Kunze

The fifty poem titles below represent the quarter-finalist works selected from nearly 450 submissions based on the LyR criteria of reach, craft, content, and musicality. Twenty advanced in the public semifinal reading round held March 23 at Poets House in New York before a sequestered three-member panel, composed of Johanna Keller, Ron Price, and Evert Eden, aided by panel assistants Maggie Balistreri and Gretl Claggett. Ten finalist poems were blind-selected by Alfred Corn, which were printed, still nameless, in the event program. Mr. Corn then announced the top three prize-winning titles on March 27 at Carnegie, and title was matched to author. (Top 20)

The producers extend their congratulations to these writers and their sincere thanks to all who contributed.
Big City Lit'seditors expect to offer to publish a number of those 450 entries in the magazine. Please send inquiries and LyR program or poster requests to The scheduled postmark deadline for LyR 2003, projected to be held in San Francisco, California or Vienna, Austria, is February 28.

Another Morning, Jay Chollick (Queens, NY)
Arachne Unstrung, Gyorgyi Voros (Blacksburg, VA) F
Archaeopteryx, Alfred Dorn (Queens, NY) F
August to Autumn, Deborah Warren (Andover, MA)
Bankrupt Farms, Rob Wright (Philadelphia, PA) SF
Beginnings, Richard Levine (Brooklyn, NY)
Beth David, Anna Gitlitz (Brooklyn, NY)
Bird in Tree, Gyorgyi Voros (Blacksburg, VA) SF
Bloom, Jennifer Firestone (Clifton, NJ)
Carnet de Bal:
   A Perfume by Revillion Discontinued, Ellen Peckham (Manhattan)
Cuccina, Martine Bellen (Manhattan) F
Cuckoo Spit, Ciaran Berry (Queens, NY)
Dutch Interior: The Artist and His Model, Gyorgyi Voros (Blacksburg, VA) Second Prize
Dutch Interior: The Letter Reader, Gyorgyi Voros (Blacksburg, VA) SF
First Birds, Evan Eisman (Morganville, NJ)
forget not me, Brenda Gannam (Brooklyn, NY)
Hara Kiri, Daniel Maguire (Philadelphia, PA)
Hymn to Uncertainty, Emery Hermans (Portland, OR)
In Lebanon: a Thimble of Poem, George Dickerson (Manhattan)
In Simultaneous Rooms, Alfred Dorn (Queens, NY)
Interior Landscape with Frog, George Dickerson (Manhattan) SF
Khyamm's Q&A (ghazal), Roger Sedarat (Manhattan) F
Lentils, Pete Wolf Smith (Manhattan) Third Prize
Living in the Falling Apart, Elaine Schwager (Manhattan)
Machine Dance, Mary Jo Bang (St. Louis, MO) SF
Marriage, Richard Pearse (Manhattan)
Memphis Blues, J. Gabriel Scala (Bowling Green, OH)
Moth Myth, Ciaran Berry (Queens, NY) SF
Of Seven Days Mythology, This is the Sixth, Jay Chollick (Queens, NY)
On the Road to Rose Blanche. Gyorgyi Voros (Blacksburg, VA) SF
Ortolans, Roger Sedarat (Manhattan)
Outposts, Daniel Maguire (Philadelphia, PA)
Paying the Rent, Zoe Forney (Mays Landing, NJ) SF
Playing God, Hannah Stein (Davis, CA) SF
Rhomboid, Bertha Rogers (Treadwell (Delaware Co.), NY) First Prize
Saeta, Joel Allegretti (Fort Lee, NJ)
Sarabande for City Streets, Luisa Villani (Pittsburgh, PA)
Searching Tucson for Words to Say Goodbye, Carolyn Moore (Tigard, OR)
Self-Portrait as Interstate 10, Susan B.A. Somers-Willett (Austin, TX)
Skirted Mirrors, C. Neuhardt-Minor (Tappahannock, VA)
Song of Hunger, Lisa Grunberger (East Rockaway, NY)
The Anchorite, Gyorgyi Voros (Blacksburg, VA)
The Decline of the Great Powers, Daniel Maguire (Philadelphia, PA)
The Harvesters, Mark Nickels (Brooklyn, NY) F
This Season of Moths, Denise Rue (Montclair, NJ)
Tango: Zero Hour, Denise Galang (Brooklyn, NY) F
Tightrope Act, Alfred Dorn (Queens, NY)
To Open the Open Gate, Richard Levine (Brooklyn, NY) SF
Towards Elegy, Susan McCabe (Santa Monica, CA)
Variation 11: Moon in Water, Alice B. Fogel (Acworth, NH) F