New York City skyline at night


Spring 2009



Eve Packer


the message i leave nancy,
not pleasure but
passion—we were talking
abt women & protection—
nancy saw ava once
at the royal ballet,
princess margaret & charles
in the box, but every eye
on ava—in cut black velvet,
jewels at throat, nancy talked
abt avas eyes, and most, her mouth—

if i had $350 i wld buy
the saturated monochrome oil over precise ink study
laurence did of a sea-horse, delicate & voracious female predator


7/26: 11:40 p.m., after watching episode 1, season 2 of the sopranos

better when the A/C is on.
the world, mine, is
closing in—too small
whos fault is that
dress better
get out
go to bars
pick up men—what men
my phone bill is twice
what it was a year ago
the buddhist self-help book
in barnes & noble says
'what-happens events': death, dying, illness,
there were a few more,
but dont worry—you'll get thru



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