Spring 2011



David Francis Poems CD

David Francis  

David Francis Self-Titled CD

David Francis

Tracie Smart A World Away CD

Tracie Smart
  A World Away

Barry Wallenstein Pandemonium CD

Barry Wallenstein

Larissa Shmailo The No-Net World CD

Larissa Shmailo
  The No-Net World

Jeff Ciampa House of Mirrors CD

Jeff Ciampa
  House of Mirrors

Neal Haiduck Montreal Meets New York CD

Neal Haiduck
  Montreal Meets New York

Jeffrey Foucault Horse Latitudes CD

Jeffrey Foucault
Horse Latitudes

Robert Minhinnick Reading From His Poems CD

Robert Minhinnick
  Reading From His Poems

David Francis Fake Valentine CD

David Francis  
Fake Valentine

Brant Lyon and Friends CD

Brant Lyon and Friends
  Beauty Keeps Laying
Its Sharp Knife Against Me

Barry Wallenstein Euphoria Ripens CD

Barry Wallenstein
  Euphoria Ripens

Larissa Schmailo

Larissa Schmailo

Home to Henry Another Life CD

Home to Henry
  Another Life