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In This Issue: Spring 2007





"By the Wayside: Change Is What Keeps Us" is this Spring's feature including contributors Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Pamela Hart, Philip Miller, D. Nurkse, Margo Stever, George Wallace, and Barry Wallenstein.

In Twelve-12, new work from Janet Hamill.



Margo Berdeshevsky, "Blue Dahlia": a tale about a young lady who never had a prince.

"Glory, Ananias," by Eileen St. Lauren, an excerpt from her unpublished novel, My Neighbors: Blue Roses. Myra Boone and Margie Anne visit Ananias in the city of Goodlife.



Veteran Marc Levy's "A Beginner's Guide to Combat," required reading for everyone in harm's way.



Planning a visit to 'The Windy City'? Take with you a copy of Robert Klein Engler's "A Short Tour of Ugly Art" in the public spaces of Chicago to ensure you miss nothing artistically offensive. See, with your own eyes, what the City Fathers have been thinking. They've probably been thinking the same thing in your city.



Soluble Fish and the Emu of Wonder: The Poetry of Matthew Rohrer
by Diana Manister

The poems of Rise Up come close to achieving the super-realism Breton described. Regarding Surrealism, Diana Manister explains how "no single movement of recent times has had such a transformative effect on all the arts…. [It] is the driving force of modernism… and helped to put America on the international cultural map for the first time in history."

Elizabeth Harrington's Earth's Milk: One Morning after the Next: The Poetry of Grief and Ascension
by Brant Lyon

Her poems "chronicle a psychological journey and personal history that richly evoke landscapes as well as mindscapes…"

"Venus" in Blue Jeans
by Martin Mitchell

As a movie, "Venus" is simultaneously hilarious and depressing….



Books of interest by authors R. Nemo Hill, Marilyn Johnson, Brant Lyon, Philip Miller, Stephen Stepanchev, Mervyn Taylor, and Vando & Miller's Chance of a Ghost anthology.



Music and spoken word by David Francis, Tracie Smart, Jeff Ciampa, Chris Mills, Richard Buckner, and Larissa Schmailo.



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Masthead Notes:

As we say good-bye to those no longer with us, we are pleased to announce new contributing editors Martin Mitchell, George Wallace and Barry Wallenstein; regular contributor Allen C. Fischer; and Associate Editor Elena Kondracki.


Contributing Editors:

Martin Mitchell, Barry Wallenstein, James Ragan, Patrick Henry (UK), Diana Manister, Philip Miller, Margo Berdeshevsky, George Wallace