the rivers of it, abridged

New York City skyline at night




James B. Nicola

Our moon in her orbit

Our moon in her orbit
     Is always going toward
          And always going away
               Like the ocean at the shore
          In and out, and both at the
     Same time.

One side of her is shy and ever hidden from the world.
     When we can't see her at all, that side has stolen both her brilliance and her beauty.
          But once a month she offers both to us. She would be
     Nothing, though, without
Both sides.

Were I to light a candle and place it like a sun in the middle of an empty, spacious room
     We could orbit it, like two planets, or a planet and a moon, and explore each other's

Dark, shy, masked, hidden, complementing sides, and
          Now and then,
     Rounded and



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