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The Poetry Project burns like red hot coal
in New York's snow. --
Allen Ginsberg

Smack in the center of the East Village
at landmark St. Mark's Church, it is a
premier forum for innovative poetry.

131 E 10th St (2nd Ave)
(212) 674-0910 (
Director: Ed Friedman
Readings: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (8:00 or 10:30)
New Year's Day Marathon [See Series on Series, Dec '00 and Dec '01 issues.]
Workshop series, archives, publisher center, book & artwork sales.

Admission to most events [See Listings] is $7, but don't pay that:

The Big City Lit reader PASSWORD for January is "Swordfish."
Say it and receive discounted admission to PoProj events
and a free copy of PP's annual literary magazine, The World.

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