the rivers of it, abridged

New York City skyline at night




Kate Bernadette Benedict

Landing the Interview

In my twenties? Far from it, alas,
but don't allude to any boom or generation.
Tell him: I am considering dislocating
and looking to know what's out there.
Tell him: I've many years' experience in the capacity,
am willing to clock undertime,
am willing to call him maestro general.
I will take down what he dictates,
though not in blackletter,
do his expenses with the utmost congruence.
Tell him: I understand fully
that this place is not that place,
that compensation, benefits, perquisites
are of a different order.
I've noticed that even the uniform is different,
triangle shirtwaists being the standard here,
little bright gloves.
Tell him: I can squeeze into those.



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